Design Thinking As A Service

Unlock the Power of Design Thinking:
Whether you choose to apply it as a whole or explore its individual components, our meticulously crafted solutions are the result of years of expertise. Our proven offerings are designed to deliver unparalleled value to our clients:
Research & Insights

The Human-X Lens

Our human-centred research reports uniquely combine ethnography, behavioural economics and sentiment data to provide deep insight into your stakeholders, enabling you to create highly valuable products, services or experiences.

Customer, Employee & Leadership

Experience Blueprints™

CLQ’s Experience Blueprints™ are centred upon human insights compiled through extensive research and behavioural trends which inform new ways of engaging with customers and employees through human-led and digitally-enabled services.

Discover, Define, Design | 5 day sprint

Design Sprint

Our Design Sprints are built on a foundation of deep insights through research consisting of ethnography, market insights and business strategy. Together we understand the problem and co-create the future of your business, designed into a low-fi prototype. 

Digital & Physical

Product Design

Our Product Blueprints™ were meticulously designed with four elements to guarantee the creation of groundbreaking products:
(1) In-depth insights into human pain points:
(2) Iterative product prototyping with valuable feedback loops;
(3) Designing the experience the product delivers;
(4) Defining how the product gets delivered through the value chain, capturing business value and ROI in implementation.

Organisational Design

Innovation Models

We bridge a long-term purpose perspective with agile innovation models, we argue that creating a strong synergy between the two is worth the effort. Tapping into the needs and realities of a fast-changing world while building long-term value is essential to your business. Purpose may help you “Dare to Matter”, and if done right, purpose-led innovation may help you succeed in creating a significant positive impact not just on your business but also in the world.

Courses & Toolkits

Design Thinking Training

Design Thinkers are trained to address uncertainty and ambiguity, to think beyond the problem into opportunities which move markets rather than just businesses. For teams and individuals who want to learn a proven, systematic approach to this methodology and how to apply it to real world problems. The process enables a mindset to truly connect with empathy and humility, together with the toolkits and actionable frameworks to prepare you as a Design Thinking Practitioner.