The Academy

Empower yourself or your team with creative problem-solving skills, easy-to-use tools, and leadership mindsets to stay curious and equipped in our ever-changing world:

A process for creative problem solving that reshapes how you develop products, services, and businesses.

Methods to help your team expand their thinking, go beyond what you’ve always done, and transition from idea to implementation.

Help your team embrace ambiguity, collaborate across diverse perspectives, and maintain momentum with optimism.

Rapid learning through concepts and case studies on applying the creative problem solving methodologies, tools and frameworks.

For You:

Transform the way you think

Unlock your creative confidence and sense of curiosity as you learn to apply insights into innovation through storytelling.

Adopt the mindset

Learn to adapt tools and frameworks within your journey of problem solving, and excel at learning on the fly and iterating

Apply your learning

Build confidence in your ability to apply the design thinking methodology and its processes to case studies.

For Corporates:

Transform the way your team thinks and works

Gain comfort and familiarity expressing ideas, taking smart risks, and building innovative solutions together.

Establish a common language

Learn processes to help your team better understand your customers and a shared language to break down silos and surface creative solutions.

Gain shared frameworks for problem solving

Build a shared toolkit that will help your team solve problems together and execute bold ideas again and again.

Learn from our Experts

CLQ is a Design Thinking Agency that takes a human-centred approach to helping organisations innovate and grow.

Our Instructors are:

  • CLQ design practitioners and business leaders who advise JSE Top 40 companies to help their businesses innovate and meet the needs of the future
  • Subject matter experts who’ve led hundreds of projects across industries, locally and internationally in areas including business, technology, education, and design
  • Instructors at Wits University, GIBS, and the University of Mauritius
  • Skilled in applying human-centred methodologies to solve the world’s most complex systemic challenges

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