Everything we do at CLQ is underpinned by deep human-centred research. Our service offerings include strategy, digital and creative. We unlock value using our Design Thinking approach:

our DESIGN THINKING approach

Design Thinking can take you from a blank slate to a new, innovative solution. By using convergent and divergent thinking we apply a variety of tools, frameworks and techniques to craft your journey for your desired outcome.


If you are looking to elevate your brand experience, we are able to assist with experience strategy, product innovation and service design.

Experience Strategy

Envision, build and measure differentiated CX & EX for today and tomorrow.

Product Innovation

Adaptive human-centered approach to product design and delivery.


Service Design

Create delightful and differentiated services to keep customers engaged and drive loyalty.


To build beautiful products we design wireframes, build prototypes and activate with website and app development.

User Testing

Provide our clients with valuable user insights to make key decisions about their product to have the greatest impact.


Testing your idea with a high-fidelity model that acts and behaves similar to how the final product will.

Web & App Development

The launch of your idea into the market built on the finest technology to delight your users.

clq creative studio

CLQ Creative Studio allows us to link you and your business to a diverse, award winning network of visual communications specialists across South Africa.

Crafting beautiful, visual stories

Every brand has a story waiting to be written

We create and launch breakthrough experiences

The aesthetic embodiment of your brand’s positioning and personality